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Rancho Viejo is a family owned Mexican restaurant offering authentic food from south of the border. There are several locations in the northwest inland empire to serve you.

What our customers say . . .

"This is the best classic Americana Mexican food place in town."

"Rancho Viejo is one of the better Mexican food places. Being from Southern California I expect a certain level of authenticity when it comes to my Mexican food. The meals are hearty & reasonably priced. Upon sitting down they give you your chips and salsa in a timely manner."

"The spinach and cheese enchiladas and Chimichanga Jarocha are INCREDIBLE. I would definitely recommend going for dinner as their dinner menus are much bigger and better. Lunch is still good though. The servers are always very kind and humorous, always appreciative of their customers. I love the sopaipillas they bring out in the end. My favorite restaurant!"

"This place is great, has authentic food that just tastes amazing. Huge, strong and cheap drinks. Attentive, even fun servers without annoying you.
Awesome chips and salsa."

"This is my favorite place. I love Mexican food especially when it comes in great sized portions, good prices, and comes out fast. I have been there many times where it only took about two minutes to take my order down and only about another 10 to get my food. Service is very friendly and speedy giving you a great dining experience. I have eaten here time and time again with no disappointments."

"From the start, this place had excellent, friendly, and speedy service.

The food has always been very good and authentic. It also has a full bar - dinner and tequila all in one stop. They even decorated the place in sort of an adobe/southwest motif, with clay tile and a few nice murals and appropriate wall decor."

"Woohoo! is right. This is the best classic Americana Mexican food place in town. Whether you get the Rancho Burrito, or the mango margarita, you will be enjoying the food."

"I looooovvvveeeee this Mexican food. The staff here is very friendly. They make you feel welcome.

The food here is great. I am a diehard fajita person and was very happy with it. All the ingredients tasted fresh. They give you a good amount of tortillas. The chips and salsa are good too. The salsa has some heat, but it's not overpowering."

"Being from Arizona where good Mexican food can be found on every corner, I was a little worried about moving to Washington and finding a decent Mexican food restaurant. Well folks, the search has ended and I am happy to tell you that Rancho Viejo was muy delicioso! The chips and salsa they provide you with before your meal were great. The chips were fresh and the salsa was very tasty-it had a little kick to it, just the way I like it. I ordered the chicken carnitas and they were fab! And at the end of our meal, fried tortilla strips with cinnamon sugar, whip cream and a strawberry glaze. The service was great and you can bet your boots we'll be back again."

"Fast service, good people, great food. Best kept secret with locals. We are always disappointed when we try other Mexican places. They will spoil you at Rancho."

"Rancho Viejo in Idaho is by far our (husband and I) favorite Mexican restaurant ever to eat at in this area. The portions are abundant... I don't know of a time where we did not have to ask for a -to go- container.

Customer service is absolutely superb. We love the fact that it is family owned. They are always smiling, polite and quick on having your food at your table. At times, they have even had our drinks arriving as we are sitting down - Now that's awesome service. And to top it off, the pricing is very reasonable... considering most of the time you are actually getting two meals from one (taking home left-overs). They definitely rate high in our opinion!!"

"I love this place. My family and I dig the atmosphere and the staff are incredible. Viva la Mexico!"


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